About Us

EdForAll is the educational solution that seeks to give hope to those students to awaken their potential against all odds. The EdForAll initiative is a disruptive, technology-driven, online higher education programme delivering accredited, high-quality internationally recognised bachelor’s degrees, diplomas and certificate programmes. Students pay a monthly portal fee from as little as R500 (US$35) for the duration of their studies, giving them full access to online learning materials and lectures to study their chosen qualification.

Our mission is clear

Break Barriers, Embrace Possibilities 

EdForAll partners with Regenesys Business School, an accredited academic service provider, to offer you access to accredited, internationally recognised bachelor’s degrees, diplomas, and certificate qualifications.  

Affordable Excellence 

With EdForAll, you can pursue your desired qualification with ease. For a nominal monthly portal fee, starting from as little as R500 (US$35) students gain access to a wealth of educational resources, engaging lectures, and a pathway to a dream qualification.

Job Readiness  

We provide comprehensive job readiness preparation through our recruitment partner, equipping you with the skills and confidence needed to secure meaningful employment upon completing your academic programme. 

Interest-Free Repayment 

EdForAll offers an interest-free while you’re studying model. Only when you secure employment and start earning a salary do you begin repaying the full cost of your tuition.  

Ignite Potential and Erase Boundaries 

At EdForAll, we envision a future where education knows no boundaries. Together, let’s break down barriers, empower deserving students, and create a brighter world where dreams become reality. 

The Student Journey