Personal Mastery Programme

You are your greatest asset!

What makes EdForAll unique? Apart from access to higher education and flexible payment plans, EdForAll is the only programme that has a dedicated student experience programme that will prepare you to meet greatness. EdforAll is committed to moving you from passion to purpose, through the Me² model of growth.

EdForAll students get automatic access to the world class Me² personal mastery programme that is designed to mould you into an employable product.

The Me² programme was created with you in mind. It extends beyond excellent student support all the way to defining your personal brand towards making you a fully contributing member of society.

The Me² programme focuses on the ‘whole person’ and is founded on the following pillars:

Me the Person: Me² focuses on the student as a person with experiences relating to the self, the family, and their environment. The programme will help unpack your world view and offer you various lenses through which you can see new possibilities while helping you conquer any possible trauma experienced. It teaches you to rewire negative patterns towards positive thinking and reduces self-limiting beliefs. You will enhance your skill in personal mastery and give you the tools required to shape your personal brand.

Me the Student: This aspect of Me² focuses on the person as a student and contains multitude of support initiatives to ensure that you successfully make it to the graduation stage. This support includes an immersive onboarding and induction along with ongoing assistance throughout your learning journey.

Me the Professional: This Me² offering is an EdForAll hallmark. In your final year of study, you will unlock invaluable insights that will set you apart as a graduate. You will be assisted with drafting your CV, coached on how to show up in the corporate world, trained in the interview process, and be prepared to enter the boardroom.

We will supplement your learning with courses that will help ease your entry into the workplace, such as personal budget management, debt management, and conflict management, amongst others. For the entrepreneur, we will expose you to innovation hubs and business incubators. The world is your oyster.

Me the Changemaker: Embarking on a journey and successfully completing it does not automatically make you a global player. We will help you unlock your purpose and introduce you to the power in creating legacies through Me². The world will be changed because of you and we look forward to being with you every step of the way.

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